Mini Prix is a simple but fun to play racing game inspired on the classic F-1 Grand Prix for the NES.

The game was made for the #LOWREZJAM.


W: Accelerate

S: Reverse

A/D: Steer

P: Pause

Published Apr 09, 2016
GenreAction, Racing
TagsArcade, Pixel Art


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Not working - Black

...just a black square...

I got totally smoked haha. Came in dead last place. RIcky Bobby would be ashamed. Fun game though :-)


Sorry for the trouble, puts the page in a frickin' Iframe and messes up everything. Now it's fixed :)

For some reason, it doesn't read any input from my keyboard. A previous version worked well.


It's fixed now

"The author of this game has uploaded an invalid file and the game is currently unavailable." Error.

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Sorry, i'm trying to fix this.

EDIT: Done :)

Now there is literally nothing on the screen?