Mini Prix is a simple but fun to play racing game inspired on the classic F-1 Grand Prix for the NES.

The game was made for the #LOWREZJAM.


W: Accelerate

S: Reverse

A/D: Steer

P: Pause


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Not working - Black


...just a black square...

I got totally smoked haha. Came in dead last place. RIcky Bobby would be ashamed. Fun game though :-)


Sorry for the trouble, puts the page in a frickin' Iframe and messes up everything. Now it's fixed :)

For some reason, it doesn't read any input from my keyboard. A previous version worked well.


It's fixed now

"The author of this game has uploaded an invalid file and the game is currently unavailable." Error.

(1 edit)

Sorry, i'm trying to fix this.

EDIT: Done :)

Now there is literally nothing on the screen?